Garlic Soup with karamelized Walnuts 14
Truffled potato soup, Black Tiger 17
Cream of tomato soup, basil, mascarpone 13
Beef bouillon, vegetable strips 14
Curry- coconutsoup (Vegi) 15


Salads & Appetizers
Green salad, bacon cubes, crispy potatoes, house dressing. 14
Green salad, salmon cubes, house dressing 17
Seasonal mixed salad, house dressing (Vegi) 11
Beef Carpaccio, Sbrinz shavings, truffle spuma 23
Roasted duck livre, pumpkin jam 24
Sardines "Milléaimées 2018", spicy tomato sauce 28
Tartar of angus beef, toast 24
Salmon tartar, dill, dijon mustard and honey sauce, wasabi icecream 19
Snails, garlic-herbsauce 6 pcs. 18
Black Tiger shrimps, garlic-dill sauce 26


Meat Dishes
Beef fillet, pepper crust, seasonal vegetables 49
Beef fillet, onion-mustard crust,  seasonal vegetables 49
Beef fillet, Bearnaise sauce, seasonal vegetables. 48
Beef fillet Rossini, duck liver, truffle sauce, seasonal vegetables 63
The “Ladies Cut” of beef fillet, herb butter, seasonal vegetables. 43
The “Gentleman’s Cut” of beef fillet, herb butter, seasonal vegetables. 58
Cordon bleu maison, seasonal vegetables 43
Crispy pork escalope “Vienna Style” seasonal vegetables 36
Cornflake coated chicken breast, curry spuma, Wok- vegetables 34
Beefburger, bacon, cheese, egg, bun, fries 26
The "other" Burger
beefburger, roquefurt, rocket salad, courgette, bun, fries
Pulled Pork Burger, rusty bread, red onions, barbecue sauce 28
Vegi burger, cheese, egg, fries 24


WOK Dishes
Asian noodles or rice, coconut milk, chilli, vegetables, Thai curry  
Vegetarian 27
Chicken 33
Shrimps 36
Beef wok, oyster sauce, vegetables, ramen, cashew 36


French fries, rice, spaghetti, fried potatoes. 5


Fish Dishes
Sesam grilled salmon, seasonal vegetables 33
Grilled salmon- lentils Dal
Red lentils, grilled salmon, coconut milk, curry, coriander, lime


Cheese fondue “Moite Moite”, a delicious mixture of Vacherin and Gruyere cheese 27
Mountain cheese, bacon, dried meat, bread 14 p.P


Vegan Dishes
Vegan wok, corn-pea stripes, vegetable journey, green curry 33
Lentil-tomato Dal
Red lentils, tomatoes, coconut milk, curry, coriander lime
Vegan burger, grilled courgette, fries 24


Mousse au chocolat 11
Hay mousse with white chocolate and Macarons 14
Homemade coffee ice cream with Baileys 12
Homemade Tiramisu 14
Homemade Cheesecake with Mango ice cream 11
Apple fritters cinnamon, sugar and vanilla sauce 16
Sorbet of black pepper on rasberry coulis 16
Panna cotta with berry sauce 8
Chocolate Brownies and vanilla Ice cream 12
Chees variation (mountain chees/ soft cheese) 16
A selection of ice creams per scoop 3.5



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